Years Planning

01) Bangladesh Baseball Academy:

Venue : Sirajgonj District Stadium: From da Government for the next 5 years is going on the program for to be taken allotment.


Basic Program of Baseball Academy:

  1. a) National and age basis party training: Under the good quality of coach, taken sorted players and after establishment of national team to be given them training.
  2. b) Invitation of the school students to Baseball and about game to be given of Primary Idea.

In the Sirajgonj Central Upazila from 20 schools at least 100 students to be given idea about Baseball. In it, near about 2000 students of 20 schools will be given idea of Baseball. Besides, from whole of the country in the 1st Phase school and college stage 5000  students after given idea about Baseball will be started original program of the Academy. Taking the 5000 students will functionally inauguration of the Academy.

In Dhaka as like to  making an  Academy, as there is not to existing of  necessary field facility, as such, from the Capital City to far distance of 140 kilometer  is selected of one of the Governmental Stadium. For going Dhaka to Sirajgonj, the Communication  Bus, Train communication is better.

  1. c) Coach and Umpire Training:

From each of the district taking one person, total 64 persons Baseball coach-organizer to be made.  He/she shall be given leadership of the relevant district Baseball activity. Besides, on central basis to make coach and umpire.

  1. d) In Bangladesh in the matter of development of Baseball activity, to prepare newly planning and research.
  2. e) Publication of Baseball and Bulletin Publication. One of the dynamic website prepare. From it sufficient number of Video could be made to uploading.

02) Running Program

National Team Training Camp:

In the International Baseball competition, for the purpose of participation, BBSA is taken step. By this time is selected four numbers of coach and 25 persons of players. In the month of next month of February, in Pakistan West Asia Tournament and in the Month of August in Indonesia in Asian Games is taking preparation for to be participated.


  1. Regional, International, National Competition Arrangement.
  2. International Competition Participation.
  3. Construction  of International Stadium for the purpose of International Competition arrangement.

In the Sirajgonj District Stadium for some days, as it is used for the activity of Baseball, but there is exercised other games in that place. So, in the country is needed of a full Baseball Stadium. For it, at first 20 bighas of land should be bought. Stadium field, 50 thousands of spectators covering capacity gallery, academy building, car parking, exercise field shall remain in it. In which kinds of person and organization shall be made to cooperation for the purpose of land purchase, their name shall be written in important place as “Land Giver”.

In the second stage, Bangladesh Government or International Donor Society’s co-operation may be built of Stadium.


  1. For the cause of earning popularity of Baseball to be given idea of the common peoples and to run wide range publication.
  1.   Professional Club Establishment:

MLB or Professional League for the purpose of play games, to build up a professional Baseball Club in Bangladesh. Where will be played by the National Team Players of Bangladesh.  Baseball lovers of Bangladesh shall be given supplied money to this club or outside of the country, any kind of patronize may be the owner of this club

  1. Equipments of Baseball:

For the purpose of running program of Baseball in Bangladesh is needed equipments. For it is needed of patronizing. Exercising of national team, participation in the competition, local tournament arrangement will be used of this equipment.  Name of the Donor Society will be used in all kinds of publication sheet as the “Equipment Partner”.

  1. Yearly Sports Calendar:

In Bangladesh in the matter of Development of Baseball is going to arrangement of local tournament. In the year 2017, according to the  yearly  sports calender, National (Male) Championship, National (Women) Championship was held. In the period of 11-13 July for the First Time was held of Intercollege Women Championship.


As like as the past years, according to the 5 years of fixed calendar, National Competition (Male and Female) Championship, National Junior Championship, Inter-district, Inter-school, Inter-college, Inter-University Competition will be arranged.

International competition and training:

  1. West Asia Baseball 2018           –                  February 2018                 —             Pakistan
  2. Indo-Bangla Baseball Serious (Home)   —             October-November  —                  Bangladesh
  3. Indo-Bangla Baseball Series (Away) –     January 2018 –   India State teams
  4. West Asia purpose preparation Camp    Running –   Rajarbagh Police Line Field/Sirajgonj
  5. Asian Games 2018 preparation Camp    -Due to approval of BOA     Indonesia
  1. Media :

In the Mass Media of Bangladesh near about 500 Sports Newsman are working. About the matter of Baseball  have not any idea to them.  So, for the cause of BBSA Mass Media workers to be given idea of Baseball, to be initiated of such kinds of works are going on. In the matter of  participation of the mass media workers, media cup Baseball competition arrangement matter is under processing. Within the next 5 years, all kinds of mass media workers will be given training of Baseball.